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The Preventing Nuclear Smuggling Program (PNSP) in the United States Department of State’s Office of Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism (WMDT) addresses critical gaps in the capabilities of partner nations to combat smuggling of nuclear and radioactive materials. PNSP works systematically with a broad range of partners within the U.S. government and international community through its ongoing diplomatic, programmatic, and operational elements allowing it to uniquely address the needs of key source and transit countries.

The ability of critical partner nations to prevent, detect and respond to smuggling of nuclear materials is a key line of defense to prevent terrorist groups from carrying out attacks with nuclear or radioactive materials. For example, a nation should have sound response procedures to enable them to successfully detect nuclear smuggling and prosecute those involved. To reach these goals PNSP Response focuses on developing and evaluating national response plans, promoting law enforcement capabilities, fostering international nuclear forensics cooperation, and promulgating nuclear forensics best practices.

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